Meet Jack and LuLu!

We recently spoke with designer Julie Murphy, the creative half of Jack and LuLu, to get some interesting insight into the company and her personal experiences in the business.  Enjoy!

DS: When was Jack and LuLu first established?

JM: We first started the business in 2000.

DS: How did you decide on the name Jack and LuLu?

JM: My husband wrote a story about the two of us when we were dating and called it “The Adventures of Jack and Lulu”.  It was our story, with fictional names…we decided that would be the perfect name for our business.

DS: What were your favorite hobbies growing up?   Did you always want to be a designer?

JM: I loved drawing and painting as a child.  My mom told me that I would get upset if my play dates colored outside of the lines in my coloring books…I have always been an artist and have had a passion for the fashion side of things as well.

DS: Where did you study design?

JM: The University of North Carolina is where I studied Fine Art.

DS: You’re so lucky to be on the coast.  What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach?

JM: I honestly love sitting in an adirondack chair with a good book, watching the sun set over a nearby light house…

DS: Where do you draw inspiration from you when you’re beginning a new collection?

JM: I follow Paul Smith’s mantra–“you can find inspiration everywhere”–and I literally do.

DS: Do you have any helpful tips for those who want to start their own company (in a highly competitive market, like stationery)?

JM: I would advise finding your own unique style and doing lots of market research.

DS: Where is your favorite place to travel?   Where do you spend your summer vacation?

JM: Cape Cod and Nantucket are places we frequent in the summer…I also love France and England and spent a bit of time living in New Zealand which is an amazing country.

DS: Do your children ever try to help out or want to get involved in a new project (with the designs, colors, or the naming process)?

JM: My children love looking at color swatches and have their opinions on favorite designs—I think they influence my childlike, whimsical designs throughout the process!

DS: What is your favorite room in your house and why?

JM: I love the great room—the floors are whitewashed and the walls are white, and there is a huge, stacked fieldstone fireplace.


Check out the Jack and LuLu website here and Julie’s blog here .

We’re also excited to introduce our new Jack and LuLu for Dear Stella collection coming in the fall, so please stay tuned!  For a taste of what’s to come, take a look at our last collection in collaboration with Jack and LuLu, “It’s a Shore Thing,” here.


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