Piper Frame Purses

Today we have a special guest post from Lynn Harris, who writes over at The Little Red Hen, one of our favorite blogs to read!

Take a look below as Lynn shows us how to make a frame purse with one of our newest collections, Piper! Ask for Piper at your favorite local quilt shop or find it online now.


Hi, this is Lynn from The Little Red Hen. I was thrilled when Dear Stella asked me to make frame purses from their new line, Piper. Just look at the inspiration for this line. Isn’t it delicious? It really has some wonderful rich colors.


The purses I made have 8 inch and 6 inch frames. To make each purse you will need:

– A fat quarter of each fabric (for the outer fabric and the lining) – you may want a larger piece of fabric to be able to choose your favorite sections of a large scale print.
– fusible interfacing
– batting or some other fleece type interfacing
– purse frame
– UT2 glue

(I purchased my purse frames and glue here.)

There are many tutorials online about making purse frames. This one shows most closely what I did and also shows how to draft a pattern.

I’ll show a bit of the progress here and also point out the things I did differently that I think give a nice, finished look to the purse.


First, fuse a medium weight woven interfacing to the back of both the outer fabric and the inner fabric. This will help the purse keep a crisp and non-wrinkled look.

Below, the fleece/batting, outer fabric right sides together, and the other layer of fleece/batting are almost ready to sew. Stack them evenly and stitch the sides and bottom through all layers.


For the lining, trim an eighth of an inch around all sides after cutting it out. This will help keep the lining from bunching up in the inside of the purse.


The linings are then stitched together on the sides and bottom.


Next, mark the corner to make a box bottom on the purse. I marked a three inch line for the 8 inch purses and a two inch line for the 6 inch purses. Stitch across the line and trim to a quarter inch seam. Do this for the corners of both the outer section and the lining.


Turn the outer purse right side out slip it into the lining. Pin the top edges together.


Stitch a quarter inch from the edge around the top of the purse leaving an opening on the top for turning.


Turn the purse right side out and top stitch around the top about an 1/8 inch from the edge. By turning the purse right side out and topstitching you add bulk that will help fill the channel in the frame. The topstitched edge will also make it easier to insert the purse into the frame.


Next, insert the purse into the frame. Place a line of the UT2 glue in the channel of the frame and also around the top of the purse. Do not glue the area right around the seam on the sides as this will show when the purse is opened.  I usually get the corners in first and then the sides and top. Use a skewer or pointy scissors to make sure that the purse is inserted all the way into the purse channel.

I like the look of the topstitched edge when the purse is open.


I loved working with these lovely fabrics to make these purses. I especially like that large scale Queen Anne’s Lace print and the Sprinkles.

This fabulous fabric is available for purchase in stores and online now!

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5 Responses to Piper Frame Purses

  1. Joan says:

    These little sweet hearts are adorable. And the Piper fabric is over-the-moon delicious. I have always wondered how those cute little frame purses went together! Very nice!

  2. Those are beautiful!

  3. Rosalie Wright says:

    Thanks for tutorial this is the first one I could actually understand how to make the pattern ,I’ve tried others but could never figure them out….again thanks a million!

  4. Sara says:

    These are so cute! And such pretty fabric!

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