Introducing Clementine!

We showed you a sneak peek of this collection back in January, and we are so excited to finally reveal all of the prints in this upcoming group for Spring 2013, CLEMENTINE!

First, take a look at the inspiration behind Clementine. We love the bright oranges and pinks! Perfect for spring and summer.

Inspiration behind Clementine

And now for the collection:


You can see all of the prints from Clementine on our website here, and more photos of the collection on our Instagram account here.

Clementine will be in your local quilt shop and online in April.

What will you make with this bright group? We have some ideas we’ll be sharing with you in the next few weeks… Subscribe to our blog to stay updated!

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One Response to Introducing Clementine!

  1. Louise Ann Johnson says:

    Beautiful combination of colors


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