Spring Things!

Even though New York City apparently has not yet realized it, Wednesday marked the official start to spring! This means that it’s time to put away your winter coats and scarves and break out the floral prints that are hiding in the back of your closet! To get excited for springtime, we’ve come up with some of our favorite things to do when our bodies finally defrost.


1. Spring cleaning! Start the season fresh with a thorough cleaning and organizing of your space. You will feel rejuvenated, we promise.

2. Get started on your garden. It’s time to plant those seedlings, so make a pair of gardening gloves¬†and get to digging!

Garden Party gloves!

3. Change your wardrobe, switching out your darks and knits for COLOR!

4. Get your bicycle tuned up and take her for a ride. Feel free to add bright streamers and a bell if you see fit… (we do!)

5. Pick up some springtime fabric! You can’t go wrong with the florals, kites, and butterflies in our Clementine¬†collection — in stores and online this month!


6. Make a quilted picnic blanket with the fabric you picked up. Stay tuned for ours!

7. Head to the park and fly a kite with your family or friends. Bonus points if you have a picnic on the blanket you made!

8. Treat yourself to a pedicure and get those toes ready for sandals!

9. Make sure you’re carrying a fun, bright umbrella for those April showers. Or, better yet — make one! You can purchase the pattern and frame we used here, and you can even use regular cotton fabric. Just don’t forget to spray it with a water-repellent!

Stella Umbrella

10. Strawberries are finally in season, so go strawberry picking or scoop some up at your local farmer’s market.


Did we miss any of your favorite spring activities? Let us know in a comment below!

Happy weekend!


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