Confetti Dots Pocket Tutorial

Just because August is over, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our Confetti Dots! When we were ogling the new colors rolling into the office, we realized they would be the perfect accent to a plain T-shirt. You’ve surely seen this type of trendy tee in stores – they’ve been wildly popular this summer, and we can’t walk down a street in SoHo without seeing someone wearing a bright-pocketed shirt. Once we noticed this trend, of course the first thing we thought was: “We can make that!”

So we did. And today we’re sharing how!


– Sewing machine

– Pins, fabric scissors, coordinating thread, ruler or tape measure

– Pocket pattern piece (ours was 4″ x 5″)

– Small piece of Confetti Dots fabric (we used color Emerald)

– Iron

1. Cut out a rectangle that will serve as your pocket piece – ours was 4″ x 5″. Pin the pocket pattern to your fabric and cut out using fabric scissors.

2. Fold sides and bottom edge 3/8″ to the wrong side of fabric and press.

3. Fold top edge 3/4″ to the wrong side and press.

4. Fold the top edge under and pin. This folded edge should measure 3/8″.

5. Sew top of pocket as close to the folded edge as you can. We added another line of stitching for decorative effect, as seen here:


6. Pin pocket to T-shirt, making sure it’s aligned and even. We measured from different points on the shoulder of the shirt to make sure the pocket was pinned correctly. Stitch the pocket to the shirt as close to the edge as you can, pivoting at the corners.

That’s it!

After we finished, we took our new tees out for a spin. Take a look!

From left: Fire, Ink, and Emerald

Our new Confetti Dots colors are hitting stores this month, so go pick some up and get stitchin’!

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4 Responses to Confetti Dots Pocket Tutorial

  1. Peggie says:

    These look nice and the colors would work with so many designs for other uses as well. I think you should have used them to spice up the guy on the right’s bandage to match his shirt 😉

  2. carla says:

    I would love to buy a full collection FQ bundle. Any idea which retailers will carry it? (ie are you guys doing the precuts or will it be up to shop owners?) Thanks!

    • Dear Stella Design says:

      Hi Carla! We’re working on a program, but we don’t have them available at this time. For the moment, it will be up to retailers to make their own full collection FQ bundle.

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