Big Love Quilt Tutorial from Modern Handcraft

We’re welcoming Nicole from Modern Handcraft to the Dear Stella blog today! She’s sharing an amazing tutorial for Valentine’s Day using our Mini Confetti Dots, and we’re obsessed. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than by wrapping your valentine up in this quilt!

And be sure to stick around until the end of this tutorial… We’re having a little giveaway!

Hello! Nicole here from Modern Handcraft and I am going to share with you today how to make a quick throw-sized quilt perfect for Valentine’s Day. Big Love is a quilt that I made for myself last January and is a great beginner project since you are really just working with all half square triangles. The finished size of this quilt is 54″ x 62″.

This quilt features some amazing fabrics from Dear Stella – Mini Confetti Dots and Zig Zags.

Materials needed:

– Sewing machine & notions (thread, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, straight pins, basting pins)

– Quilt batting

– Dear Stella fabrics:

Mini Confetti Dots in Scarlet, Tomato, Coral, Shell, Blush, Pink, Peony, White

Zig Zags in Raspberry

Stella Solids in White for binding.

– Print out the quilt layout if you would like to plan out your colors to help you as you sew!


Step 1: 


Cut the following for your quilt top:

– 32-10″ squares in your assorted background colors (I chose 7 different fabrics)

– 10-10″ squares of your heart fabric (this is my white fabric)


You will now cut all 32-10″ background fabric squares in half from one point to the other like shown. Cut 4-10″ heart fabric squares in half the same way. Be sure to set aside the other 6-10″ heart squares, we will get to those later.


Step 2: 


Print out the blank PDF Pattern for Big Love (above) if you would like to color in the triangles with your own color choices. Click here to download the pattern in the colors I used today.


I like to go ahead and choose which background fabric triangles (pink) I am going to join with my heart fabric triangles (white) You will have a total of 8 squares that will look like the above picture.


You will have a total of 28 squares that will look like the picture above, these are a combination of background fabrics. It helps to design your layout on the floor next to your machine so that you can mix up your colors.


You will have a total of 6 solid 10″ squares, I wait to trim these until you are finished joining your half square triangles. Depending on how large you make your seam allowance can change the size of your white square.


Now that you have figured out your layout you can begin sewing your triangles together. Sandwich your two pieces together, right sides facing, and stitch together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.


After stitching all of your squares press open your seam allowance.


You will now have a nice stack of squares ready to trim (not much trimming is necessary).

Once you are finished I like to take one of my new sewn squares and lay it on top of my remaining white squares to use as a guide for trimming them down a bit from the original 10″.


Step 3:


Lay out your finished squares in your heart pattern and start sewing your rows together – after each row take to your ironing board and iron open your seams.


When it is time to join your rows, find your seams and pin in place to ensure that your lines are lining up.


Once finished iron open your seams and press the front of your quilt top.


Step 4:

Baste, Quilt & Bind and you are all finished!

I used a simple straight line stitch for my quilt – with the large scale of this pattern any quilting would look great!

Here are some finished pictures of the quilt – enjoy!

Be sure to tag us in your #biglove projects with #dearstella – we would love to see what you create!


And now, it’s giveaway time!


One comment per person, please. We’ll pick a winner at random this Tuesday, January 21st. Good luck!

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76 Responses to Big Love Quilt Tutorial from Modern Handcraft

  1. Laura F says:

    I haven’t got to use it yet but I think Mercer has to be an all-time fav for me! So excited to use it!

  2. Ellen P says:

    I love “Take a Hike”! Brings back lots of memories!

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  4. Kim M says:

    I love Confetti Dots! But Lola and Zig Zag are also great!

  5. Hayley says:

    Mini confetti dots of course!! I have some stashed away for a swoon quilt

  6. Siobhan says:

    Thanks for the fun tutorial! My favorite Dear Stella fabric line is Clementine. I love the bright, clear colors.

  7. sophie says:

    Hadley! no doubt!! the perfect vintage fabrics!! thank you fro this tutorial! I love this big quilt! and thank you for the chance to win!!

  8. Denise Monday says:

    I think Clementine was the name of the one I fell in love with!

  9. Susan G. says:

    I’m a fan of several collections but find the fabrics in Honeycrisp hard to resist!

  10. Carol Broughton says:

    I love the Savannah line.

  11. Linda says:


  12. Joan says:

    I love mini confetti dots!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Karen A says:

    I liked the Savannah line.

  14. Tori says:

    All Hands on Deck for sure. The whales! The crabs! The anchors! They slay me.

  15. Terri says:

    I love and used over 6 yards of Mini confetti dots in white for small Christmas gifts this year such as table toppers and runners. I have to say it is the best background white fabric and I need about 100 yards more of the stuff !! I ran out at Christmas and saving my large scraps for something special!!

  16. Sue says:

    I love confetti dots. The colors are so vibrant!! And I love that the dots are random not all lined up in rows- just like confetti falling!

  17. Teri says:

    Confetti Dots, for sure!

  18. Samantha says:

    any featuring dots or zig zags- can’t pick just one!

  19. Marisa U. says:


  20. Suzy McQ says:

    Loved, loved, love Mercer and, Confetti Dots is pretty darn spectacular!

  21. I absolutely love Heirloom. I used Indigo Sunburst and Blueberry Flowers together for a project in my new book. I hope to use the rest for a quilt.

  22. Tiara says:

    I am loving what I have seen on Mercer online

  23. Patti says:

    Love Confetti Dots, although there isn’t a line I don’t love! Thanks for the giveaway

  24. nat donnelly says:

    mini confetti dots is the best ❤️

  25. Liz says:

    I love the Zig Zag collection – the dominance of the color makes it a perfect basic chevron.

  26. cindy says:

    Such a cute quilt. 🙂
    Lola was one of my fav collections. But confetti dots has to be the hardest to resist buying….so much gorgeous color!!!!!

  27. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    It is hard to pick just one…my favorites are Vanity Fair and Perrymint.

  28. Cecilia says:

    My favorite is All Hands on Deck. I love confetti dots, too.

  29. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Confetti Dots is my favorite – I love polka dots. Thanks for the tutorial & the chance to win.

  30. Bonnie says:

    I’d have to say Ravena hands down!

  31. cynthia says:

    I love the elegance of Vanity Fair!

  32. jmniffer says:

    I’m a huge fan of dots so Confetti Dots gets my vote for favorite. Thanks for the tutorial.

  33. caitlin says:

    the regular confetti dots!

  34. Pam says:

    Mercer is my favorite. Thanks for the valentine fun!

  35. DeborahGun says:

    my favourite is Piper.

  36. Lindak21 says:

    I really like Paloma. The soothing colors and the gentle prints are quite lovely.

  37. Lisa Burger says:

    Mercer or … I can’t remember the name, but I own it 🙂
    Hoping to win!

  38. says:

    Mercer, hope to win

  39. Lisa Cowell says:

    My favorite is the Do it Yourself!

  40. Mercer is so pretty! Great tutorial, thanks!

  41. Georgina says:

    I love Piper. The colours and designs are gorgeous.

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  43. robin says:

    I like their Playdate fabrics. 🙂

  44. mairead says:

    My all time favourite is definitely Perrymint!! The colours are just so beautiful!

  45. Bethany M says:

    Mercer is my favorite!!

  46. Sharon K says:

    I Love this tutorial.
    We’re a scouting family, so the Take a Hike collection is my favorite.

  47. Elinor says:

    I love the colours in Piper but I’m also a sucker for just about any kind of dot – especially when they come in so many gorgeous colours!

  48. Seema says:

    I love confetti dots..I think the colors are so cool in them…my fav.

  49. Colette says:

    I love the confetti dots! All the colors are great.

  50. Vanilda says:

    I really like the confetti dots!

  51. RuthWW says:

    I really want some confetti dots. They would be great in my next quilt.

  52. I absolutely love Vanity Fair, I haven’t cut into it yet because I can’t bear to just yet!

  53. Emily C says:

    I love Vanity Fair.

  54. Pam says:

    Mini confetti dots. Love dots especially irregular ones.

  55. Patsy J says:

    Just purchased the whale fabric today from All Hands on Deck for a baby quilt -whales are the shower theme. My favorite line is Maasi Mara. It is so versatile and work with any quilting style – can’t get enough of it!

  56. Theresa Childs says:


  57. Mercer is my favourite, I love the colours.

  58. Barbara says:

    I LOVE the Confetti Dots line. I’m making the Disco quilt for our first grand baby, who is due in the summer, and it’s fun to see the colors come together. Thanks for great fabrics!

  59. Karrie Smith says:

    I’d love to use it in a quilt! I love all the confetti dots! I love the Mercer line also

  60. KarenH says:


  61. Piper!! I had a hard time cutting into my stash of it, but I just made two adorable doll quilts plus matching bedding with it for Christmas and they came out gorgeous : ) Wishing I owned a whole bolt of the purple Queen Anne’s Lace!

  62. Lynnsey says:

    Take a Hike is my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. PamWV says:

    I love this line. It is beautiful and inspiring to make a Valentine present!

  64. paige says:

    I love confetti dots – you can never go wrong with polka dots! 🙂

  65. Jody K says:

    All Hands on Deck is my favorite – I used it last summer to make a baby quilt for my nephew. Thanks for the tutorial & giveaway!

  66. Kyle says:

    It’s a tie between Perrymint and Ravena.

  67. samantha says:

    I heart the confetti dots! Perfect stash builders.

  68. Heather in California says:

    I love It’s a Shore Thing. Love the sand dollars, would love to win too!

  69. erin says:

    I love Perrymint, and the Confetti Dots are all-around great!

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  71. JanetB says:

    I love Seaworthy. I think the whales are so cute.

  72. Mary Roberts says:

    Wild blue hearts and I’ve used it on three quilts.

  73. Marlena says:

    How many yards of fabric for each confetti fabric will I need?

  74. Genevieve C says:

    It’s got to be mii Confetti dots! They are just too cute for words & can use them a hundred million ways! Lol 🙂


    this is perfect for showing my grand daughter she is loved….so special…thank you…

  76. Lindsey Chen says:

    I’ve got a question about the distance between the straight line quilting: is it 1/4″ or 1/2″ apart? Thanks.


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