Sneak Peek at Wild by Wee Gallery

Last week we introduced our newest licensed designer, Wee Gallery. We are over the moon with excitement, and so glad to have them on board with us.

To celebrate that it’s Friday (and also since it’s too hard to keep it a secret…) we wanted to share a little preview of what’s to come from Wee Gallery in their first collection with us – Wild.

Take a look at this adorable print, “Dress Me,” and coordinating tiny hearts!¬†Wee Gallery animals are made of high contrast repeating patterns so that babies can enjoy them from day one.¬†Seriously, our ideas for this adorable print are endless.

These cute animals are blank slates so your little ones’ imaginations can take over. We’re envisioning an easy play mat to bring to play dates, with a set of washable markers in tow. Or, place your favorite section in an embroidery hoop and stitch some cute outfits for an adorable wall decoration! You could even teach your children how to sew basic stitches using this fabric – how much more fun would that be?!

We had some fun at the office with this pattern to give you an idea of what these Wee Gallery animals look like dressed up. Too cute!

We’ll be back soon with more from Wee Gallery. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to stay updated!

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