Introducing Seaworthy… Metallic!

Do you love Jack and Lulu’s Seaworthy collection? Us too. But what’s the one thing missing? A little sparkle, of course! We’re bringing four of your favorite Seaworthy prints back this season, but adding a little glitzy twist.

Check out Seaworthy Metallic!

We’re loving these options. You can go the adorable route (those seahorses!) or rock out with the Jolly Roger print. And the anchors – tossed or not – are the perfect additions.

These will be shipping to stores in September. We can’t WAIT to see what you do with them!

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One Response to Introducing Seaworthy… Metallic!

  1. Terri van Gulik says:

    I love the Seahorses. Wouldn’t they make a beautiful beach tote?


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