Tutorial: Fragments Crossed from May Chappell

We have a special guest on the DS blog today – Lee from the blog May Chappell! She’s sharing a super fun tutorial for a quilted wall hanging using Fragments, which is hitting stores now. Lee incorporated some gorgeous cross stitching into the main print from the collection, appropriately-named Cross Stitch, and we love the effect! Read on to find out how she made it.

Hi there! I’m Lee and I blog over at www.MayChappell.com about my quilting, designing and teaching adventures. There’s lots of cool things to see including my popular Terrifc Tips Tuesday series. When I saw Fragments at Quilt Market, I immediately wanted to cross stitch all those little boxes! I instantly loved it. Sometimes dreams do come true. Here’s my Fragments Crossed wall hanging and little tutorial so you can make your own!!

Finished Size: 34″ Square


• 1 fat quarter of Stella-400 Multi (Cross Stitch)
• 1 fat quarter of Stella-370 Orange (Net)
• 1 fat quarter of Stella-370 Mustard (Net)
• 1 fat quarter of Stella-370 Grass (Net)
• 1/3 yard of Stella-Solid White
• 5/8 yard of Stella-403 Red (Tulip)
• 1 yard of Stella-402 Multi (Mosaic) (backing)
• 1 yard of muslin (backing)
• 1/3 yard of Stella-404 Multi (Pixels) (binding)
• piece of batting that is at least 38″ square

Read through all the directions before beginning!

1. Cutting

Cut two 2″ strips of Stella-370 Mustard (Net) and Stella-370 Orange (Net). Cut four 2″ strips of Stella-370 Grass (Net). (These will be 2″ by approximately 22″.) Cut four 2″ x width of fabric strips of Stella-Solid White. Cut these in half so they are approximately 2″ x 22″.


Cut four 2 x 5″ of Stella-370 Mustard (Net) and Stella-370 Orange (Net). Cut eight 2″ x 5″ pieces of Stella-370 Grass (Net). (Note: I accidentally cut four extra orange pieces; you only need four.)

Cut a 14″ inch square of Stella-400 Multi (Cross Stitch). Pay attention and fussy cut a piece you like!

Cut two 19″ squares of Stella-403 Red (Tulip). Put these wrong sides together (both pretty sides facing out) and fold in half diagonally as shown. Align your ruler to the top point and make sure it is square by aligning a line of the ruler with the folded edge. Cut. You should have four Tulip triangles. (Note: This fabric is directional and following these directions will ensure that your tulips are not upside down!)


2. Making the Cross Blocks

Take two 2″ strips of White and sew them to either side of a Net strip. Make two Grass units and one each of Mustard and Orange. Press the seams in one direction. Use a 1/4″ seam. Starch is your friend.


Cut eight 2″ pieces from each unit. You will have sixteen Grass pieces and eight each in Orange and Mustard. Make sure to align your ruler with the seam line to keep everything square and straight.


You will attach one unit to each side of the 2×5″ pieces. Put the seams pointing in opposite directions.


Press the long seams towards the 2 x 5″ piece.

During all of these steps, chain piecing is your friend!


3. Making the Cross Rows

You will piece together two rows of Orange, Grass, Mustard, Grass, Orange and two rows of Grass, Mustard, Grass. Because of the pressing direction, your seams should lock easily. (More info on locked seams here.)


You should have this:


4. Attaching the Rows

Sew the two rows without Orange to the Cross Stitch square.


Sew the other two rows onto the other sides. You should have this:

5. Attaching the Tulips

Take a Tulip triangle and fold it in half to find the center of the longest edge. Finger press in a crease and mark with a pin. Fold the pieced unit to find the center and mark with a pin. Align the centers. (Note: Be mindful of the Tulip triangle placement to ensure your tulips are right side up.)


** The Tulip is a bias edge so carefully pin the pieces without stretching the triangle.


Attach the triangle on the opposite side using the same method. Press. Trim the tips off the Tulip triangle for a flush edge. (Please pardon my blurry photo!)


Attach the remaining two triangles. There will be a 1/4″ of excess as you pin.


You should have this:

6. Cross Stitching

Make a quilt sandwich with your top, batting and a piece of muslin. I only pinned the middle where I planned to stitch.


Here are the colors I used. Red: Cosmo 241A, Orange: Cosmo 344, Black: Anchor 403, Yellow: Cosmo 702, Dark Green: Cosmo 273, Dark Pink: Anchor 89, Light Pink: Cosmo 483, Light Green: Cosmo 271

I wanted the stitching to add an extra texture so I stitched a few spots here and there.


I also chose colors that were slightly different to the fabric. Stitch away!


7. Finishing

Now you are going to add your backing fabric to your quilt sandwich. You’re covering the stitching on the back (Yay! Mine was a mess). Leave the muslin the size of your whole finished piece. Quilt as desired. I densely quilted the white so that the cross stitch blocks would pop.


There are more pictures and some backstory on my blog. Check those out here!

Happy Cross Stitching!

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  2. Qlt812 says:

    Such awesomeness!!! Gorgeous design and fabrics of choice are stunning…

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