Intermix // Fancy Fox Quilt

If you haven’t yet seen Elizabeth Hartman’s popular Fancy Fox quilt pattern in action, you’re in for a treat today!

We featured our playful and bright Intermix basics in this quilt, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our version of the quilt was modified so that there were 7 columns and 9 rows – making a modification like this is easy to do! We also arranged the colors so they would gradate from one tone to the next, and the rainbow goodness is undeniable. We’re totally smitten with how this came out. Set against the neutral Net in Grey, the bright colors pop!

Check out some close up shots of those fancy little foxes below. You can see the super fun Polka Dot in Dandelion we used for the backing, and the scrappy Dress Stripe binding!

Intermix is hitting stores now, and you can purchase the Fancy Fox pattern here. Have you been stitching with our Intermix range of basics?

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3 Responses to Intermix // Fancy Fox Quilt

  1. Marion says:

    This would make an adorable baby or toddler quilt.

  2. Pat Nugent says:

    This quilt is clever, adorable and beautifully colored!

  3. Jeanne Marie wallace says:

    LOVE the colors I see here, yes it is beautiful and also looks fun to do!


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