Introducing Asuka!

We are so happy to finally share images of our brand new Asuka collection!

The colors in Asuka are stunning: teal, a denim blue, and navy; plus mustard, bright orange, and a rosy pink – all set against gorgeous cream. We are so inspired by this unexpected combination.

Check out some photos of this collection below!

We’ll be back soon with some fun projects using this collection. What are your ideas for Asuka?

Asuka will be shipping to stores in August. Ask for it at your local quilt shop or find it online!

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7 Responses to Introducing Asuka!

  1. Diane B says:

    Being addicted to orange and turquoise, this bundle is so easy to love. My reading area needs a lap quilt just for me:)
    Oh and of course I need two various sized tote bags too..August can’t get here fast enough.

  2. Jeanne Marie wallace says:

    These colors out do there selves and I feel are lovely and I feel would make a wonderful quilt as well as a matching Pillow to lay on the bed also,,would love to see more of what will be next. Thank you for the information and showing us what is to be coming in soon! Jeanne Marie Wallace

  3. Vi Qu says:

    Modern, fresh, love the colors! Will seek out at my local shop to make pillows for my new sunroom.

  4. Odette says:

    Wow these fabrics are really out of this world and i can imagine making all sorts of quilts and other goodies.

  5. Carly says:

    Love this collection. Would love to purchase these prints in canvas for Home Dec and tote bags and perhaps voille for clothing.

  6. Tina says:

    Love it I just want it all.

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