Now Shipping // Mumseed Meadow by Rae Ritchie

Rae Ritchie is at it again! She’s back with a new collection, Mumseed Meadow, which joins the recently-released Shadowbox and last year’s Desert Bloom.

Mumseed Meadow captures the organic movement of lush prairies and secret woodlands, wildflower bouquets and autumn leaves.

Read on for Rae’s inspiration behind this collection…

/// Much of my work is heavily nature- and science-inspired – I am fascinated with the complexities and beauty of flora and fauna. Living in Minneapolis grants me a well balanced life of city living and nature, with many beautiful parks and trails that feel far removed from the bustle of the city.

Mumseed Meadow is inspired by an early fall stroll, passing by my neighbors’ dried gardens on the way to my favorite trail near my home, along Minnehaha Creek. Watching the leaves fall into the water and making their dance down the creek, studying new shapes for leaves, and being completely in awe of the natural wonders of nature. \\\

You can truly feel the movement Rae describes, from the falling leaves to the dancing maple trees and petal trails. We cannot wait to see what you stitch up with this! If you’re looking for the perfect quilt pattern to use with this collection, you’ll be happy to know that a free pattern is coming soon.

Go on a winding nature walk with Rae Ritchie and find Mumseed Meadow in stores or online this month! Tag your makes on social media with #dearstella and #raeritchie so we can follow along too.

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