Free Pattern // Churn It Up Quilt

Rae Ritchie’s Mumseed Meadow collection recently started shipping to stores, and we are so looking forward to seeing your projects pop up.

Today we’re sharing a beautiful *free pattern* featuring this collection, and we think it truly glows! Designed by Denniele Bohannon and made by Clare Rip, our new Churn It Up quilt beautifully shows off Rae Ritchie’s color palette while also letting her prints shine.

Offsetting every other row gives a modern look to this traditional Churn Dash block quilt, and we think it adds lovely movement. Secondary patterns appear as white block backgrounds merge and morph into stylized arrows and a grid of bright white squares.

Download the Churn It Up pattern over on our Projects page, and find Mumseed Meadow by Rae Ritchie at your local quilt shop or online!

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2 Responses to Free Pattern // Churn It Up Quilt

  1. Rosemary B says:

    Oh I love this one so much.
    Really happy and perky.
    So many ideas and very inspiring
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Marion C Figgins says:

    Churn Dash is one of my favorite blocks.
    I like the setting of these blocks and just a
    plain binding.


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