Wildwood // Molehills Quilt

We’ve long admired Latifah Saafir‘s Molehills quilt pattern. Not only is the layout unique with its layered, curved piecing, but it also allows for both large- and small-scale prints to shine. We knew it was a perfect match for our Wildwood collection!

How gorgeous does this quilt look on the streets of SoHo? The saturated colors from Wildwood glow, while the neutral grey and khaki keep it grounded. We can’t help but love that pop of plum, as well!

The Midnight Forest print made a stunning backing and binding choice… Swoon!

Many thanks to Kristi of Kristi’s Quilting for stitching this up. We are over the moon for her quilting! Take a look at some close ups below.

Find the Molehills pattern here, and you can find Wildwood in stores now!

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