Mad for Mini Quilts


We love Sassafras Lane Designs‘ mini quilt patterns. Check out these mini projects featuring some of our favorite collections! Like framed art pieces, these mini quilts are perfect for decorating the walls of a living room, bedroom and sewing studio.


This bright turquoise quilt was made from the Mini Privet Drive pattern. Featured fabrics include our Wee Gallery Heart basic and Shadowbox— a collection of patterns and shapes in a timeless greyscale palette.


The Mini One Way pattern was used to make this arrow quilt. Featured fabrics are Polka Dot basic and Junebug— cheerful pops of geometric design in a spectrum of tutti frutti colorplay.


This quilt with fun, zig-zag edges was made from the Mini Canyon Boulevard pattern using Wildwood— a collection with neutral shades of khaki, grey, and chalky black that ground the vibrant bursts of gold, orange and a little pop of plum. This pattern measures 12.5″ x 16.5″. Given their small size, mini quilts are perfect for trying a new sewing technique or a new design idea!


The Mini Diamond Detour pattern was used to make the quilt above. Cute and geometric, this quilt features a trio of our basics– Positive, Net and Dress Stripe!


We especially love the ombré mini quilt that uses Mini Firelights Lane. It features an array of cool colors from our Net basic. As you can imagine, these mini quilts also make great gifts!


This cute geometric quilt was made with the Mini Wynkoop pattern using Rae Ritchie’s Mumseed Meadow— a collection that takes you on a winding nature walk through the dancing trees, collecting wildflower bouquets and fallen leaves along the way.

Tag #dearstella to show us your own version of these mini quilts. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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