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Remember last week’s post about Moon Garden? We’re excited to share that there is another collection by Rae Ritchie shipping to stores this month!

The outdoors come alive in Rae Ritchie’s new collection of camping and wonder. With scout-inspired supplies and mason jars full of fireflies, gear up for a natural adventure through the pines with Trail Mix.

Trail Mix 3

We are loving the mason jars, the cute little tents and the pops of coral in this collection!

Trail Mix was inspired by scouting and summer camping trips Rae took with her family.

/// For my birthday this year, my husband took me camping along the St. Croix River, on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. It was very beautiful, yet still a little bit chilly, as it was late April!

Camping has always been a favorite summer activity for me. My parents have always been very adventurous when it comes to the outdoors, taking trips to the Boundary Waters up north, or bike trips from Minneapolis to Bayfield, WI. When I was 4, I took my first week-long trip to the Boundary Waters. My family still jokes I proclaimed myself, “The toughest one [there].”

I also have a deep tie to scouting, as I was a Girl Scout and treasure a beautiful collection of my maternal grandmother’s scouting accessories from the 20’s. There’s so much magic in spending time amongst nature! \\\

Trail Mix 2.5

Be sure to ask for Trail Mix at your local quilt shop or from your favorite online retailer.

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