Dreamscape by Rae Ritchie // Patchwork Pillows


We love this sweet nursery project by Ange of A Little Patchwork. She created two Patchwork Pillows with Rae Ritchie’s Dreamscape collection, one light version and one dark version. This pillow pattern can be found in Kerri Horsely‘s book Lovely Little Patchwork.

Photos courtesy of A Little Patchwork. Read Ange’s full blog post here!


Rae Ritchie’s Dreamscape walks you through a dreamland of sleepy elephants and galloping wild horses. Rounding it out with a wind-swept floral, this moody cool collection takes you on an imaginative journey of dreams.


Rae shares the inspiration behind Dreamscape:

// I love designing kid friendly patterns that can have an adult appeal. “Dreamscape,” the supplement to “Moon Garden,” is inspired by magical circus dreams. One of my favorite books in recent years is “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern, for its beautiful atmospheric descriptions of nocturnal curiosities that test reality. Blued by the cover of night, the typical kids pinks and blues are reimagined into lavenders and purpled navies. I’m personally very excited to play with these fabrics, as this is a tight capsule with really great opportunity to mix and match. //


Ange shares some information in her blog post about the patchwork pillows:

// I used the pattern from Kerri Horsely’s book Lovely Little Patchwork. I have made this pattern before and knew it would work perfectly as I really wanted to showcase the elephant print (and the 5 inch square centre would be ideal).

I separated the bundle into the light and dark tones and was amazed at how different the two cushions looked. It was a real lesson in the impact colour and print placement can have on your project! //


We love seeing collections come to life in homemade projects like Ange’s. Share yours by using the hashtag #DearStella. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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