Chroma Basic // Sewing Smiles Doll


These dolls featuring Chroma Basic by Rae Ritchie are just too cute! Their adorable outfits feature scraps of some of our favorite new collections like Seas the Day and Dala. And they also support a great cause! Deborah Fisher designed the Sewing Smiles Doll pattern for Bo Twal. She made all of the dolls shown here. This purple hair-ed selfie gal is definitely our fav.

If these look familiar, you might recognize them from our Quilt Market booth in St. Louis or on social media as part of our Quilt Market coverage! Check out the full recap here.

Fun fact: Bo Twal means cloth kiss in Haitian Creole.


Bo Twal provides lovely, soft, handmade cloth dolls to children in underdeveloped countries. Needleworkers within the children’s country are paid to sew the dolls and distribute them to the boys and girls.

The program provides comfort to the children as well as income to the needleworkers. Funds to pay the doll makers are raised through the sale of doll patterns and kits.

The first doll pattern for sale, the Bo Twal Sewing Smiles Doll, is the same pattern used by the international needleworkers when they construct the dolls to donate to the children in their country.



For more info on the Sewing Smiles Doll pattern, click here or visit Bo Twal.

Happy stitching!


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3 Responses to Chroma Basic // Sewing Smiles Doll

  1. QLT812 says:

    Love the dolls!

  2. QLT812 says:

    Love your dolls!

  3. Rosemary Bolton says:

    These dolls are beautiful.
    I would love to donate fabrics to any organization in Northern Virginia. Do you have a source?
    This makes my heart happy to know that kids can have a doll to love


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