Introducing // Winter is Here


Cities clash in this action-packed medieval period. Introducing… Winter is Here.

We’ve been waiting patiently (bursting at the seams, really) to share this collection. Continue for photos, a project, and all things awesome.



Scenes from a battlefield, dancing dragons, happy hour—this collection definitely plays to an exciting medley of themes!



The below quilt features all the amazing pieces that make up Winter is HerePortals by Kari Nichols.


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3 Responses to Introducing // Winter is Here

  1. Angela Short says:

    Very very cute new fabrics!!

  2. Terri says:

    Oh wow. This line would be perfect for a quilt for my son. A real fan of Game of thrones.

  3. Angela Bowling says:

    Love this line of fabrics. The dragons are goofy and the knights are so funny. Will make lots of cute stuff with these fabrics.


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