Spring Quilt Market Recap! St. Louis – 2017



We’re back from Quilt Market and excited to share all of our photos with you today! We introduced our latest collections and lots of fun projects—be sure to check them out and let us know what your favorites are!

Fabric: Chroma Basic by Rae Ritchie
Hootsville Row by Sassafras Lane Designs
Prism Parkway by Sassafras Lane Designs
Elsie Avenue pillow by Sassafras Lane Designs
Alphabet Soup by Jaybird Quilts
Sewing Smiles Doll by Deborah Fisher for Bo Twal


Fabric: Seas The Day by Paula and Waffle
Quilt (top): Air Kisses by Kelli Fannin

Fabric: Supernova by Rae Ritchie
Quilt (left): Space Station by Stacey Day (free pattern!)

Also featured:
Blue Moon


Fabric: No Limits
Quilt: Bubbles by Kate Colleran

Also featured:
No Drama Llama
Pura Vida by Rae Ritchie
Folkwood by Rae Ritchie


Fabric: Pura Vida by Rae Ritchie
Quilt: Daybreak by Jaybird Quilts

Fabric: Sew Your Heart Out by Rae Ritchie
Mini Quilt by Shelly Pagliai

Fabric: Intermix Basics
Quilt: Silly Sloths by Wendi Gratz


Thanks for stopping by, whether you were at Quilt Market or you scrolled through our photos. We love sharing our fabric and projects with you! See you in Houston for Fall Quilt Market!

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2 Responses to Spring Quilt Market Recap! St. Louis – 2017

  1. Jackie Gross says:

    Love the little critters blanket, Is the Quilt Markets open to anyone to go?

  2. Dottie says:

    The Sloths by Shiny Happy World are adorable.


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