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Magik by Rae Ritchie is hitting stores now! Ask for it at your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer.

Be transported into the ancient world of alchemy, botanical healing, and feline familiars with Magik. Curiosities cast against violet tones and starry skies capture the natural magic of night and our deep fascination with illusion.



Some words from Rae about the inspiration behind this magical group:

// I’m not sure about you, but if it were October every day, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed. All things witchy and mystical are so inspiring to me. I remember being a kid trick-or-treating one Halloween night with friends and coming upon a strange octagon shaped house near my parents’ home. I had never really noticed it before, since it was a few steps lower than the road. When we knocked on the door, we could see into this mesmerizing 70’s home.

The place was basically one large room, inhabited by a woman who (perhaps since it was Halloween), looked to be into all things magical and natural. She reminded me of a fortune teller, living in her unique home in the woods. I think about her often, and her seemingly relaxed and mystical lifestyle, based in admiring the natural world and the magic it holds.

Inspired by her and the modern mystical movement, “Magik” seeks to capture the meaning behind the everyday and the magic within us all. //




We have an upcoming free pattern Magik Fortune by Jennifer Fulton!

In the meantime, click here for estimated yardage requirements. (Check back later for full instructions.)


We hope you’re inspired to create with this magical collection… Tag us @dearstellafab, @rae.ritchie, and #dearstella to share your makes!

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