Fussy Cut Favorites + GIVEAWAY!

We teamed up with our friends at The Quilting Company to bring you a Valentine’s Day full of fussy-cut fun! They’re sharing ten essential tips for mastering the art of fussy cutting, which is one of our fave techniques to use with these irresistible fabrics.


Plus, don’t miss our mega giveaway totaling TEN YARDS — a stash of all the fabrics pictured below. These 1-yard cuts will give you plenty of wiggle room to practice your fussy cutting skills. Use them to try your hand at all of the tips listed here!

FussyCutFav01_optScroll down for a chance to WIN THESE FABRICS!

Image-4-Circus-Animals-768x480_optCarnival Animals (Stella-SRR928 Moonlight), from Seaside Carnival by Rae Ritchie. Image courtesy of The Quilting Company.

Image-5a-Red-Riding-Hood-768x480_opt1Frames (Stella-976 Skylight) from Little Red. Image courtesy of The Quilting Company.

IMAGE-7b-DEER-SKULL-768x512_optDeer (Stella-SRR875 Phantom) from Magik by Rae Ritchie. Image courtesy of The Quilting Company.

IMAGE-8-HEXIE-PARTY-768x569_optTreetop Party (Stella-SRR518 Multi) from Foxtail Forest by Rae Ritchie. Image courtesy of The Quilting Company.

Enter via Rafflecopter below to win TEN one-yard cuts of the fussy-friendly fabrics featured today on The Quilting Company! Giveaway ends at noon on 2/21/18. Good luck!

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229 Responses to Fussy Cut Favorites + GIVEAWAY!

  1. KT says:

    All the fabrics look so fun, but I think I’d cut into Treetop Party first–love those animals!

  2. Kathy E. says:

    The Carnival Animals from Seaside Carnival would be my first fabric to fussy cut! I’ve always loved fussy-cutting and am always on the lookout for the perfect fabrics!

  3. Kim Clark says:

    I would be so thankful for this stash of fabric to perfect my fussy cutting skills.

  4. Tanya says:

    I’d cut into treetop party first, so sweet!

  5. Haley B says:

    LOVE the carnival animals! Great designs!

  6. Carolyn Scott White says:

    I totally love these fabrics!!!

  7. Olivia says:

    I’m obsessed with the nautical seagulls and would definitely start fussy cutting there.

  8. Diana Summers says:

    These are all so adorable it would be hard to decide which one to fussy cut first!

  9. Roxann Brennfoerder says:

    Love the ideas you present!

  10. JessZ says:

    Treetop Party is adorable! So many great prints!

  11. Hannah Corey says:

    I would cut into the riding hood fabric first for my ice cream soda quilt!

  12. Joy Smith says:

    This fabric would make more than one wonderful baby blanket! Ideas abound!

  13. Not sure which i would cut.into first! Love @dearstella fabrics!!

  14. Jessica Rampelburg says:

    This is my favorite fabric brand, I would love to win this!!

  15. Leann Williams says:

    Foxtail Forest. Never thought about making a template have always used a ruler but it never turns out right

  16. Holly Fagan says:

    What a great way to end a fabric fast!

  17. Christine says:

    I love fussy cutting!

  18. Patti says:

    Looks like fun, especially since I have a new grandson and I see lots of little boy “stuff “in that pile of fun fabrics!!

  19. Sue H says:

    Love them all, but Treetop Party would be the fabric I’d cut into first. It’s adorable!!!!

  20. Shannon says:

    Love the fabric with the dogs!

  21. Sarah G says:

    Love the Royal Picnic prints, so beautiful!

  22. Regina Arlauckas says:

    oh those sheep! so crazy adorable, and I have the perfect person to make something for.

  23. Silvia says:

    These fabrics are so beautiful!!

  24. Cristine Ham says:

    the Treetop Party fabric is so cute and would be the first one I’d cut into for a fussy cut baby quilt for my grandson!

  25. Silvia says:

    These fabrics are so beautiful!! I’d cut the Treetop Party first :))

  26. Katya says:

    I love using Dear Stella fabrics for fussy cutting. My first Mandolin block has the beautiful butterflies from Rae Ritchie’s latest range in the centre

  27. Amy says:

    Ooooo the circus animals! With all of the different animals, there’s plenty of fussy cutting opportunities.

  28. Nicole says:

    I would love to cut into that little red riding hood fabric! It’s so cute!

  29. C says:

    I would fussy those skulls!

  30. sabrina drewry says:

    I would love to use
    Treetop Party (Stella-SRR518 Multi) from Foxtail Forest by Rae Ritchie
    for my twin grandsons! It is such a happy fabric!

  31. Caitlin Moriarty says:


  32. Mona Phelps says:

    I would cut into Little Red first!!

  33. Teri says:

    I would definitely fussy cut Little Red

  34. Nancy says:

    Looks like really cute material, great for baby quilts!

  35. Jane Vines says:

    I would cut into those cute little people.

  36. Alta says:

    I’m excited to fussy cut, been seeing a lot lately. I consider myself fabric hoarder, getting 10 yards would be amazing and would allow me to fussy cut more! Thank you!

  37. Jane Vines says:

    I would cut into Antelope.

  38. Lori Lemmers says:

    I would fussy cut phantom fabric first.

  39. vicki says:

    fussy cutting is fun and the effects are limitless with 3 great grandkids there are a lot of ideas in my head.

  40. Vicky says:

    Love. They’re all beautiful!

  41. Chris Meade says:

    Love your fabrics!!

  42. Sue says:

    I love the forest animal fabric

  43. Janna says:

    I love the hedgehog fabric it would be my first to cut, maybe for a Gypsy Wife quilt.

  44. Çarleen Brigley says:

    Such fun fabric!

  45. Tori Smith says:

    Oh gosh! Little Red and that beach print. Just perfect for my ice cream soda quilt

  46. Peggy Terzian says:

    Pick me, pick me-I love Dear Stella fabrics! Fussy cutting is so much fun!

  47. Tessa Williams says:

    Dear Stella is always the best for fussy cutting!

  48. Ann says:

    Yes I want to use this technique and I would love to use foxtail forest. All this fabric is so cute!

  49. Joane says:

    I have a grand baby on the way and would love to fussy cut farm animals for a small quilt!

  50. Deidra says:

    I love fussy cutting and would love this stack of goodies!

  51. Stephanie L. says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! It sounds like the perfect gift to try fussycutting!

  52. Diane Wendorf says:

    Love the tips, they will come in handy

  53. Kari Buccambuso says:

    I wouldcut into Tree-top Party or the chickens first!

  54. Joan says:

    Fussy cutting makes a quilt look fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, those material cuts you’re giving away look fabulous!

  55. Chery; says:

    I’m new to quilting. I’ve heard the term fussy cutting but did not know what it meant. Now I do. Thanks for defining it. I think I will give this a try.

  56. Denise V says:

    Loved to win. This will be my first time doing fussy cut. The fabric are so cute.

  57. I’m new to quilting. I’ve heard the term fussy cutting but did not know what it meant. Now I do. I think I will give this a try.

  58. Susan Green says:

    Sure I’ll give it a try. I think I’d cut into Treetop Party first.

  59. Amanda Burnham says:

    I love these fabrics.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    So many amazing fabrics! Would love to cut into those seagulls from Dark and stormy!

  61. Susan says:

    I will give fussy cutting a try. I think I would work with the Foxtail Forest first. It has many interesting options to cut. I really like the tip given to make a cardboard window to test your fussy cutting.

  62. Sue Wintz says:

    I love to fussy cut; now I’m going to pull out my templates and fussy cut away!

  63. Barbara Takemoto says:

    I love the forest animals party. I am currently participating in a fussy cut class so everything I look at is a fussy cut potential candidate.

  64. Mary says:

    I would use the foxtail forest fabric to fussy cut for my grandson’s quilt.

  65. Nancy A says:

    I’d cut first into the fabric with the chickens!

  66. Rhona says:

    I really need to give this a try, I have never tried the fussy cutting, but now I will, thanks for the tips, very helpful and for the giveaway!

  67. Linda says:

    Third from the bottom is where I would start.

  68. barbara woods says:

    do it a lot and love all those fabric’s

  69. Stevia Sleight says:

    What great ideas! I’ve not tried this before but sure want to

  70. Linda Webster says:

    I’ve tried fussy cutting before and love it. I’d fussy cut the animals in Treetop Party.

  71. I love your idea of fussy cutting. I did it years ago when I was sewing for my young children. Now I will be fussy cutting for my grandchildren!!!
    I love your fussy cutting in shapes other than squares. I am short of material that is good for fussy cutting so I hope to win!!

  72. Genevieve C says:

    I love to fussy-cut for my 2 granddaughters 1 & 3 yrs old. They can’t wait to see what I will bring them with what I cut. I would cut out Little Red & Seaside Carnival first!

  73. Carol W says:

    This looks like “delicious ” fun!

  74. cindy wisherd says:

    I have fussy cut fabric before, and its so much fun to see someones face when they see the cute little patches, and they start to look for more. I would cut into the treetop party, because I have a 2 yr. old granddaughter.

  75. Huge fan of your fabrics and these are just gorgeous! Perfect for some pretty patchwork on bags!

  76. Treetop Party is my absolute favourite!

  77. Itteke says:

    The Deer is the first I gonna fussy-cutting

  78. Itteke says:

    The deer I will first fussy-cut!

  79. Marilyn Dryden says:

    Just what I need!

  80. connie says:

    Would love this fabric to fussy cut.

  81. Christina says:

    I LOVE the carnival animals print ♥️♥️ I would love to make hexies with them!

  82. Brett Dye says:

    I am new to fussy cutting, but I would love to try something with the seagulls or the circus fabric!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. K. McGrath says:

    Seaside Carnival would be cut first:)

  84. Mandy says:

    Omg, how awesome this is!

  85. mary emmens says:

    Oh yes – I’d definitely cut into those seagulls first!

  86. Linda Tabler says:

    I like the winter party with the woodland critters!!!

  87. Alice Aubin says:

    If I have to choose right now it would be the carnival animals. The chickens were a strong contender!

  88. Ellen Oliveira says:

    I am not sure if I am at the right place to enter the giveaway. Oh well, here’s hoping.

  89. Laila says:

    I would enjoy the fabrics first,then make some thing with the magic fabric.I love that fabric line ,but I can’t find it in a Norwegian shop

  90. Lindsey says:

    As a dog owner, I definitely would fussy cut the fabric with the Cavalier King Charles spaniels on it first!

  91. Darcy Asbill says:

    These fabrics are all adorable! I love the one with the sheep and border collies!

  92. I already have tried fussy cutting. It’s for my Gypsy Wife quilt. I’d probably cut into the farm animals (dog, sheep, etc) first.

  93. Flo Boule says:

    Would love to win this collection. I enjoy fussy cutting & know some nieces & nephews who would love a quilt made from these beautiful fabrics.

  94. Anita says:

    Fussy cutting is fun, although I always cringe at the amount of fabric waste. I’d start with Foxtail Forest.

  95. kristal says:

    Oh how I need those princess pups on pillows!

  96. laurel richardson says:

    what fab Fabs!

  97. Sue Shattuck says:

    I LOVE the Border Collie and sheep, because we have our fourth Border Collie dog, our dear Sophie!

  98. Martha Austin says:

    Love these fabrics!! They will make fun, whimsical quilts!!

  99. Cathy C says:

    I’ve done a little bit of fussy cutting. If I had these cute fabrics, I’d certainly give it more of a go! Thanks for the chance to enter

  100. Judy Vaesa says:

    I’ve just started quilting seriously and fussy cutting was something I stayed away from because not knowing a simple way. Love the view template idea is a way I will now try. Great tip, thank you for great idea.

  101. JeanGB says:

    Love the fabric and just getting into paper piecing. Great timing.

  102. Dominique says:

    Thanks for tutorial. I love the look but it can be a bit frustrating to get the cuts just right.

  103. Becki says:

    Love fussy-cutting! Thanks for the tips and the giveaway!!

  104. Katherine Henry says:

    Adorable! I used the animals with the cake for an apron I made my daughter for her 2nd birthday!

  105. Caitlyn says:

    Thanks for the info! Cute fabric

  106. Danica says:

    I love those circus animals and hedge hogs!

  107. Sandy May says:

    It’s hard to decide, but I am especially drawn to the animals in the winter forest scene.

  108. Angel Koch says:

    I am so excited for this giveaway! Dear Stella is my very favorite company for all the fabric! I am contemplating actually using (gasp!) my precious mermaids and fishermen and beehives, etc for a Stella’s Garden hexagon quilt, and I would include every single one of those fabrics as a flower in the garden! I guess, if I have to choose one to cut into first, it would be the seagulls.

  109. Linda says:

    Fussy-cutting intrigues me. I’d like to give it a try.

  110. Doris Anguzza says:

    I would like to win!

  111. Nancy Johnson says:

    Can’t wait to give fussy cutting a try with these tips.

  112. I love making hexies and these fabrics are perfect!!! I also try to arrange fabrics for quilt piecing to showcase unique design aspects. Such fun!!!!!!

  113. Pamela Black says:

    I would use the deer heads for a quilt for my husband. He is a deer hunter. Although, since he has only gotten one deer with antlers—I am not sure what he has done with the rest of his hunting time. LOL

  114. Love the fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win!

  115. Terri Petty says:

    Excited to use these beautiful fabrics and try some fussy cutting

  116. Heidi says:

    I love the look of fussy cuts, but I’ve never tried. I’d have to cut into little red first. So adorable!

  117. Marie McNichols says:

    These fabrics are so adorable. I especially like Treetop Party. But then I am partial to winter themes.

  118. Jan Sutter says:

    I would have to cut into those ADORABLE hedgehogs first. Too cute!

  119. Marie McNichols says:

    I’m partial to winter themes, so Treetop Party would be my first choice.

  120. Maggie Bragalone says:

    I like the fabric with the tree. I have never fussy cut before. New to quilting (6 yr ). The fabric looks modern, would love to get my hands on thus. I also love the name “Stella” Looking forward to the blog.

  121. Sarah J says:

    I actually have 2 fussy cutting projects going right now and these would make great additions! Especially those sea gulls!

  122. Debi says:

    I can’t wait to try Fussy Cutting!

  123. Jimmy Coffill says:

    I’d love to win. Your entry system is not working on the mobile iOS. I would use them all and cut the magic one first

  124. Julia says:

    Love to make baby quilts with fun fussy cuts.

  125. Elizabeth says:

    Love the prints, especially the animals. I could make some cute quilts!

  126. Meredith Dale says:

    Oh how to choose? But the chickens! My fussy little heart is all aflutter at the possibilities.

  127. Tricia says:

    I would cut into the deer

  128. Shauna Barbato says:

    Pin never opens up to pin it.

  129. VAbney says:

    I like the foxes.

  130. julie kemp says:

    love material and tutorial

  131. Diana says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these!

  132. Linda Cartwright says:

    I love these fabrics, and would love to try fussy cutting. I love the red riding fabric.

  133. Kp says:

    Love the fabrics! I think I would fussy cut the forest animals first!

  134. Aby Dolinger says:

    Thanks for planning such a generous give away!

  135. Karen says:

    I love all the animals in the tree top party.

  136. Brenda Wilkinson says:

    I would start with Red Riding Hood.

  137. Angie Ulseth says:

    Great fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. Dinah L Halopka says:

    Love the fabrics and the tips have lots of ideas swirling in my head. Would love to try them out!

  139. Michele T says:

    All of those fabrics are so sweet!! I would fussy cut Little Ted first❤️❤️❤️

  140. Cyndi J says:

    I have never tried fussy cutting. I would have to give it a shot with the Deer.

  141. Hilary S says:

    I would cut into the seagulls first. I love their little knit caps.

  142. Donna says:

    Fussy cutting would be so much fun to create a bag or a cute quilt. Thanks for giveaway.

  143. Tammy says:

    I love anything with Little Red Riding Hood so i’d Use it first.

  144. D Turgeon says:

    I love these! Would appreciate the chance to do some fussy cutting with them!

  145. Karen Hurst says:

    My first cuts would be into the Treetop Party
    Hope I get the chance! Thank you#

  146. Terese says:

    I have never tried fussy cutting before, but have read about it. I think I would want to fussy cut flowers because I like them.

  147. Lynn Rhoades says:

    Love the fabric for fussy cuts

  148. Christi says:

    I would say the Foxtail Forest. I would love to play with these.

  149. Kimberlee says:

    I’d cut into frames first!

  150. Mara Shapiro says:

    I love to fussy cut and just finished a quilt using tractors for my grand nephew, can’t wait to win these fabrics.

  151. Judy Tatom says:

    So excited about fussy cutting! #fussycut #raeritchie #thequiltingcompany #tips

  152. JoAnne T. says:

    I love that Little red riding hood. I have a circus fabric I’ve been wondering how to use. This is perfect! Thank you!

  153. a. gerda says:

    Lovely prints! I would cut into the raccoon party first and make a pretty birthday-themed pouch from aneela hoey’s book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Anne D'Alleva says:

    Amazing fabrics and excellent tips in fussy cutting techniques

  155. Carol Andrews says:

    I am going to do some fussy cutting for my newest great granddaughter’s quilt and a kaleidoscope quilt. Wish me luck!

  156. Mari Lorente says:

    I love this fabric ❤❤❤

  157. katie says:

    Would definitely cut into those cute little seagulls first!

  158. Sarah says:

    Those animals are adorable fussy cuts!

  159. Rhonda says:

    I would cut into Little Red first.

  160. Barb C says:

    Love the nautical gulls!

  161. Mary O. says:

    Treetop Party would be one of the first I would choose to fussy cut.

  162. Sharon says:

    Great ideas and wonderful fabrics

  163. Sharon G says:

    I have never , ever fussy-cut anything! Maybe it’s time to give it a try? (These are the most darling fabrics!)

  164. indymta says:

    I’ve never seen these fabrics before and LOVE them! Think Red Riding Hood is adorable.

  165. Marty Askins says:

    I would do the “Seaside Carnival” first. Because the Shriner Circus is next month in Oklahoma City.

  166. Phyllis Griffin says:

    I’d like to try fussy cutting using the Red Robin motif. Looks like fun

  167. Brianne says:

    These are adorable!!!!

  168. Becky DuBose says:

    I love the deer fabric. I have tried fussy cutting for one quilt and was very pleased with the result. Where did you get the tan template?

  169. Sherri M says:

    I love fussy cutting. I haven’t made as many motifs as are pictured here, so I’m thankful for all these tips and ideas!

  170. Annoe says:

    Oh my heart The Little Red Riding Hood print is killing me. So cute.

  171. Kristina Morrow says:

    I can’t decide if I would fussy cut Treetop Party or Magik first – they’re fabulous!

  172. Lois Brehmer says:

    Love the Tree Top Party!

  173. Terri van Gulik says:

    I have lots of fabrics that I would love to try fussy cutting with – With this prize I would have no excuse not to try.

  174. Karen Abma says:

    Would love to play with these fabrics.

  175. Brenda says:

    These fabrics are so yummy! It’s fun to think of all the delectable piecing that could be done with them!

  176. Nicole porter says:

    I def want to try the fussy cut! Something I’ve bever tried but looks awesome.

  177. Palomo says:

    Beautiful fabric…amazing give away

  178. Veronique says:

    So many possibilities to fussy cut in these beautiful fabrics !

  179. Sandra Bleicher says:

    I have fussy cut many times. In fact I just did two days ago for a block center. I love your fabrics and would be thrilled to win your bundle.

  180. I have already been fussy cutting the Saegulls!

  181. Stefanie Maurice says:

    Would love to try fussy cutting!!! Just got my first batch of hexie papers 🙂

  182. Love all Dear Stella fabrics, fingers crossed!

  183. Lesley says:

    I would use the birds in striped shirts first

  184. Delaine says:

    I am definitely going to give it a try! I would cut into the Foxtail Forest fabric first. It is so cute! Thanks!

  185. Pam Losely says:

    I love to fussy cut favorite fabric images!

  186. Linda Levesque says:

    Love your fabrics and fussy cutting ideas.

  187. Sandy Allen says:

    I love fussy cutting! I haven’t tried the way the carnival animals are done yet, but would love to give it a try! And I haven’t used an outline of the shape before. Such a great idea!

  188. Kathy Waldrep says:

    Love these fabrics

  189. carol Denning says:

    I f I had Deer , I would cut it first ; it is so entrancing!Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. Cindy Hanrahan says:

    I’ve actually fussy cut a quilt recently, it was a lot of fun and I’d like to do it again. Thanks!

  191. Kristine says:

    That red Riding Hood is beautiful and would be the first on my cutting table!

  192. Jeanne Eells says:

    I love this fabric! The one with the little children is my favorite

  193. Giuliana Nakashima says:

    Just when you think “dear Stella” has printed all the cute there is….another comes up! Love the little birds in sweaters. I see an applique quilt with birds wearing sweaters made of this fabric! Love it.

  194. Maureen McLarnon says:

    Haven’t done any fussy cutting in a while. Would love to win the stash and get to work!

  195. Pam S says:

    What delightful fabrics! Yes, I’d love to fussy cut them. I’d start with the hedgehogs because my granddaughter loves hedgehogs. Thanks for the chance!

  196. I love these fabrics, they would be perfect for quilts for my 4 granddaughters!!!

  197. Love these fabrics and a chance to learn a new technique!

  198. Cynthia says:

    Thank you. Love the nautical penguins.

  199. Kalle says:

    Those penguins are such charmers! Amazing giveaway!

  200. Amy says:

    I love the woodland animals print!

  201. Sarah Y says:

    Such adorable fabrics!

  202. Jill says:

    This is by far the best info I have seen about fussy cutting!

  203. ErinR says:

    I would start with the Royal Picnic Lounging Pups!

  204. Abby Graham says:

    These would be perfect for the I-spy quilt I’m making for my boys!

  205. Janet Gervin says:

    white background with animals … Love it!

  206. Bethni Lee says:

    I love to fussy cut!! My first fabric to cut would be of the dogs…too cute! The second, beach theme one. Can’t wait for warmer weather!

  207. Lynne Hoefer says:

    Love fussy cutting and the “I spy” idea. How fun.

  208. Gabi Shelton says:

    I love the treetop party fabric! That would be so cute to fussy cut for a baby quilt!

  209. I would cut into little Red first and the birthday one for a fussy cut bag! These are so fun and wonderful

  210. Jenn F says:

    This is amazing!! I would love to get my hands on some Little Red!! <3

  211. Mary Lindberg says:

    I really like the Foxtail Forest prints. Adorable hedge placemats for our camper.

  212. Annette Moore says:

    I just fussy cut some flowers for an applique block. I don’t know which one of these fabrics I would cut first. I would have to fondle them for awhile first.

  213. Deirdre O'Riordan says:

    I would definitely cut into the dogs first!

  214. Nicole says:

    I am crossing my fingers and my toes.

  215. Sue says:

    Those seagulls are crazy cute!

  216. Joyce owen says:

    Beautiful fun fabric. Can’t wait to fussy cut.

  217. Ireta Larson says:

    I enjoy fussy-cutting and use this technique frequently.

  218. Jean Blythe says:

    Fussy cutting is so much fun! It adds more intention to a project.

  219. Megan Wenger says:

    I’d cut into those chickens! And I LOVE to fussy cut!!

  220. bobbie rumler says:

    I have fussy cout before to my delight it came out great….thank you for a chance

  221. Jo Vandermey says:

    This would be so fun to fussy cut with! Oh the designs that come to Mindanao!

  222. Kat says:

    Love it! I love Dear Stella fabrics and they really are ideal for fussy cutting! I only picked up English paper piecing last week but I’ve already gone overboard on cutting up my favorite fabrics to find adorable pictures! I’ve been cutting up my ‘Treetop Party’ print already and if I had that glorious stack of fabrics I would cut into the seagulls in sweaters first!

  223. jennifer essad says:

    treetop party is the first fabric I would get creative with – all fun prints though

  224. Melissa Q says:

    Foxtail forest is adorable! That would be the first one I would cut into!

  225. BAP says:

    Fabric looks great!

  226. Rose says:

    I love the tips for fussy cutting.

    I can’t find anywhere to enter the giveaway.


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