Hygge 101


Summer just started, but Rae Ritchie’s new Hygge collection starts shipping to stores next week so we’re already planning our coziest Fall projects! Autumn is the ultimate season for hygge, which was the inspiration behind this festive collection.

What is hygge? If you’ve ever done the following things, you probably already know…

• lit a candle after tidying up your favorite room
• sipped homemade hot chocolate out of that mug you really love
• taken a walk or bike ride not to get anywhere, but just to be outside
• perfected your succulent garden with just the right planters
• worn your favorite vintage outfit to a friend’s birthday party, while carrying a perfectly-wrapped gift
• shared a song over headphones with a friend
• put on your coziest woolly socks *and* slippers
• relaxed in front of the fireplace wrapped in your favorite quilt
• worked on your latest crafty project while catching up on a podcast
• wrapped your hands in the sleeves of your snuggliest oversized sweater
• spruced up your dining room with fresh flowers from the local market

hyg·ge (pronounced hue-guh or hoo-guh):
a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

Want to capture the feeling yourself, but can’t make it to Denmark? Try planning a trip to one of these top ten hygge cities in the US!

We think Rae’s new fabrics sum up the feeling perfectly!


Quilts are essential ingredients in the recipe for cozy. Up your hygge game with the patterns below. Two of them are FREE!

Starflight by Elisabeth Hardy (download)
_DS Hygge-starflight-Elisabeth Hardy-free w srr1300almond-48x60

Shattered by Missy Shepler (download)
_DS Hygge-Missy Shepler-free-Shattered 38.5sq

Square Peg by Miss Winnie Designs (more info)
_DS Hygge-Hanna Bourque-new pub-Square Peg 60x80

Tell us your favorite moments of hygge in the comments below.

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