Fall 2017 Quilt Market Recap!


We are back from Quilt Market with all the highlights to share with you here!

If you were following along on social media, you may have noticed we had a brand new booth this year! Here’s the booth at a glance:


This year we featured a Mint Julep quilt, easy table runners (continue for the free pattern!), bundles, and, last but not least, the coziest flannel throws!



Table runners (get the free pattern here), left to right:

Market by Paula & Waffle
Journey On by Rae Ritchie
For Fox Sake
Woodland Nymph by Rae Ritchie
Cold Comfort


Table runners (get the free pattern here), left to right:

Garden Sanctuary by Rae Ritchie
Magik by Rae Ritchie
Black Swan


We’re loving Rae Ritchie’s earthy palette in Woodland Nymph.


Mint Julep – Summer Social by Jennifer Fulton & Easy Runner table runner (free pattern!)


Detail shot of the Mint Julep quilt!


We handed out booklets of all our projects to fill everyone’s #inspo needs! Fret not—if you didn’t get one, you can find all the good stuff here.


Back by popular demand, we had flannel throws with a cute pom-pom fringe! We used Dash Plaid Flannel by Rae Ritchie for the throws. More Flannel Basics here.

The best part? No pattern needed! It’s just two pieces of fabric (2 yards x WOF, or whatever length you prefer) sewn together with a mini pom-pom fringe, found at many local craft stores!


Thanks for stopping by our booth and following our busy weekend on social media! We hope everyone enjoyed Quilt Market as much as we did!

See you in Portland for Spring Quilt Market,

Your friends at Dear Stella

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Now Shipping // Garden Sanctuary by Rae Ritchie


Enter into a botanical retreat with Rae Ritchie’s Garden Sanctuary, a collection inspired by Rae’s love of gardening. This collection has started shipping to stores—ask for it at your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer!

Greenhouses, foxgloves and little black cats basking in the sun await you!


A few words from Rae:

// The growing season in Minnesota is notoriously short-lived, so when springtime comes around, I’m obsessed with all things yard and flowers (though, I’m always obsessed with flowers…). In Garden Sanctuary, it’s growing season year round!

When my husband and I lived in an apartment, I took over the back porch with tons of veggies and plant pots, just waiting for the day I could have a garden of my own. When we moved into our house, we were excited for the challenge of tending to our own yard.


This collection is focused around my love of all things growing in our little South Minneapolis neighborhood. My late cat Smeagol passed away right before I created this group, so he makes a cameo in memorandum, hanging out in his favorite place, the garden sanctuary. //


Close up of a cute little hedgehog!


And pretty foxgloves


Here are our picks for Garden Sanctuary to get you started!

Rose Hedge is a free pattern by Stacey Day.

Simple stitch-and-flip triangles define petals and leaves in one easy-peasy block design.


Garden Path is a published pattern by Stacey Day.

How perfect is Garden Sanctuary for these flowers!


We hope you’re inspired to create with Rae’s Garden Sanctuary!

Thanks for reading.

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Fall 2017 Quilt Market Sneak Peek!


It’s that time of the year again…

Quilt Market is a biannual event for businesses in the fabric industry, where the newest fabric collections and patterns are showcased. The show will be taking place next weekend, October 28 through 30.

If you’ll be at Quilt Market, be sure to visit us in Booth 1346! We’re so excited to share all the new and upcoming collections we’ve been working on.

If you won’t be attending Quilt Market, don’t fret! As always, we’ll keep you in the loop via InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Click to follow.

Here’s a little preview of what will be at our booth!

First up, Mint Julep!


Mint Julep – Summer Social by Jennifer Fulton:


Pier Pressure:



Things That Go:

oThingsThatGo1 oThingsThatGo2

Seaside Carnival by Rae Ritchie:






And back by popular demand, we’ll have our super soft & cozy flannel throws to snuggle up with in our booth—in a fresh new array of colors!

Dash Plaid in Flannel by Rae Ritchie – Flannel Throws with Pom-Pom Fringe

No pattern needed! It’s just two pieces of fabric (2 yards x WOF, or whatever length you prefer) sewn together with a mini pom-pom fringe, found at many local craft stores!


We will be posting daily updates on our social media throughout the show so stay tuned! Behind-the-scenes shots, Instagram Stories, and fun photos during the show – we’ve got you covered.

Find us here: Instagram || Facebook || Twitter

See you in Houston!


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Now Shipping // Market by Paula and Waffle



Explore the colorful, bustling farmer’s market with Paula & Waffle’s newest collection: Market. Delight the senses with adorable bunnies, pretty florals and a bounty of fresh local picks.

Market is now shipping to local quilt shops and online retailers!


House plants, produce, and more! You’ll find everything your heart desires in Paula and Waffle’s cute vendor stands.

Do you visit your local farmer’s market or flower vendor?



Use Market to make Window To My Garden, a free pattern by Denise Russell!


We hope you find delight in this cute collection.

Thanks for reading!

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Now Shipping // Magik by Rae Ritchie


Magik by Rae Ritchie is hitting stores now! Ask for it at your local quilt shop or favorite online retailer.

Be transported into the ancient world of alchemy, botanical healing, and feline familiars with Magik. Curiosities cast against violet tones and starry skies capture the natural magic of night and our deep fascination with illusion.



Some words from Rae about the inspiration behind this magical group:

// I’m not sure about you, but if it were October every day, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed. All things witchy and mystical are so inspiring to me. I remember being a kid trick-or-treating one Halloween night with friends and coming upon a strange octagon shaped house near my parents’ home. I had never really noticed it before, since it was a few steps lower than the road. When we knocked on the door, we could see into this mesmerizing 70’s home.

The place was basically one large room, inhabited by a woman who (perhaps since it was Halloween), looked to be into all things magical and natural. She reminded me of a fortune teller, living in her unique home in the woods. I think about her often, and her seemingly relaxed and mystical lifestyle, based in admiring the natural world and the magic it holds.

Inspired by her and the modern mystical movement, “Magik” seeks to capture the meaning behind the everyday and the magic within us all. //




We have an upcoming free pattern Magik Fortune by Jennifer Fulton!

In the meantime, click here for estimated yardage requirements. (Check back later for full instructions.)


We hope you’re inspired to create with this magical collection… Tag us @dearstellafab, @rae.ritchie, and #dearstella to share your makes!

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