Now Shipping // Trail Mix

Trail Mix 1

Remember last week’s post about Moon Garden? We’re excited to share that there is another collection by Rae Ritchie shipping to stores this month!

The outdoors come alive in Rae Ritchie’s new collection of camping and wonder. With scout-inspired supplies and mason jars full of fireflies, gear up for a natural adventure through the pines with Trail Mix.

Trail Mix 3

We are loving the mason jars, the cute little tents and the pops of coral in this collection!

Trail Mix was inspired by scouting and summer camping trips Rae took with her family.

/// For my birthday this year, my husband took me camping along the St. Croix River, on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. It was very beautiful, yet still a little bit chilly, as it was late April!

Camping has always been a favorite summer activity for me. My parents have always been very adventurous when it comes to the outdoors, taking trips to the Boundary Waters up north, or bike trips from Minneapolis to Bayfield, WI. When I was 4, I took my first week-long trip to the Boundary Waters. My family still jokes I proclaimed myself, “The toughest one [there].”

I also have a deep tie to scouting, as I was a Girl Scout and treasure a beautiful collection of my maternal grandmother’s scouting accessories from the 20’s. There’s so much magic in spending time amongst nature! \\\

Trail Mix 2.5

Be sure to ask for Trail Mix at your local quilt shop or from your favorite online retailer.

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Now Shipping // Moon Garden

Moon Garden 3

We’re so excited to announce Moon Garden is shipping to stores!

Letting her love of celestial themes shine, Rae Ritchie’s new collection Moon Garden takes you on a stroll though a magical twilight garden. Watch as the foxfire mushrooms glow, stars hang in the sky, and as fluttering moths fly by.

Moon Garden 3

Here’s a word from Rae about the inspiration behind the collection!

/// Ever since I was a kid, I’ve felt more inspired and more alive at night. The world in which we busily run through during the day is transformed into a completely different world after dusk. I dream of a fantastical garden retreat with fairy lights, waterfalls and foxfire (glowing mushrooms – there is such a thing!).

My childhood home has a garden very similar to this dream, with glowing lights, a running waterfall and of course the relaxing hum of nighttime magic. Oftentimes in the middle of the night, when everyone else slept, I would gaze out at the blued scene outside and imagine the busy nocturnal animals tending to their various tasks; and the flowers, “Do they sleep at night?” I would ask myself.

The night sky overhead is also a longstanding source of inspiration for me personally. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos illustrates the beauty and connection we all have to the night sky, and I find this very inspiring and comforting. For me, the stillness of night is a time of reflection and appreciation. \\\

Moon Garden 2

Look for Moon Garden in stores this month! Ask your local quilt shop for this collection or find it online.

Don’t forget to tag #dearstella when you share your projects. We can’t wait to see what you all make with this beautiful collection!

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Foxtail Forest // Baby Projects from Lynn Harris

Today we’re welcoming Lynn Harris of The Little Red Hen to the blog, and she’s stopping by to share some adorable projects she made using Rae Ritchie’s Foxtail Forest collection. We love Lynn’s makes, so be sure to check them out below! Foxtail Forest is in stores now – ask for it at your local quilt shop or look for it online!

Hi, I’m Lynn Harris. I usually blog over at The Little Red Hen. Today I am excited to share some cute baby clothes with you. When I first saw Rae Ritchie’s new Foxtail Forest line of fabric I knew I needed to make some baby clothes for my soon-to-arrive first grandchild. The prints are so sweet and there’s even a party print that is perfect for pajamas. I used this sweet vintage pattern (Simplicity 4535) to make pajamas for all three of my kids and even my nieces and nephews. I love that I can keep using it for my grandkids.

These pajamas were a quick project and I love the crisp look with topstitching and the color coordinated dark blue snaps.

You could use any currently available pajama pattern to make a similar pair.

Next up was a couple pair of Big Butt Baby Pants. This fun pattern by Rae Hoekstra features a contrast butt gusset and fold up cuffs for growth.

A bit of quick sewing and we have baby clothes in three sizes. We’ll be able to enjoy these cute prints for quite a while! Well, in baby terms that is. They do grow fast, don’t they?

My 10 year old daughter used the leftovers along with some soft Dear Stella Net Flannel to make burp cloths.

They were also very quick and easy. She cut 9” by 16” rectangles, sewed right sides together and then turned them right side out. Next she topstitched around the edge and put a couple of rows of stitching down the middle. Presto!

I love these adorable prints and kind of want to make myself a top from the party print.

Thanks Lynn! We think you *should* make yourself a shirt with Treetop Party! Find Rae Ritchie’s Foxtail Forest collection in stores and online now.

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Introducing // Farm Fresh

Our Farm Fresh collection will be shipping to stores very soon! Classic farm life is illustrated in soft shades of denim, sienna, smoke, and butter – perfect for boys or girls. Plus, this collection coordinates with select colors from our Intermix basics, so the possibilities are endless! See the full group here.

We’re picturing super sweet baby quilts, but also cute bibs, bloomers, bunting and kids clothes! What will you make with Farm Fresh?

Look for Farm Fresh in stores this month! Ask your local quilt shop for this collection or find it online.

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Introducing // The Big Chill

We are so excited to announce that our newest collection, The Big Chill, is shipping to stores this month! This line is chock-full of woodland creatures and fun blenders to mix and match. Plus, it coordinates with several of our Intermix basics! See the full collection here.

Night owls, their eyes aglow, populate the midnight forest alongside quick-footed critters and bouncing bunnies. Icy blues and steel greys are punctuated by warm tones, luring those woodland creatures out of hibernation.

Between the owls, deer, bears, and bunnies, it’s impossible to choose a favorite print!

Look out for The Big Chill in stores this month! Ask for it at your local quilt shop or find it online.

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