Quick Holiday Gift Idea!

The holiday season is upon us, and here at Dear Stella we are certainly getting into the spirit!

We posted this photo on our Instagram earlier this month while we were in the midst of some office decorating.

#dearstella Holiday Spirit!

We hope you’re feeling the holiday spirit too!

And while we’re on the subject of holiday-time — are you whipping up any last minute stocking-stuffers? We have a cute idea for a quick mini-project that’s both practical and adorable.

We used the Girly Girl prints from our ever-evolving Play Date collection to make cosmetic and toiletry bags!

Play Date - Girly Girl

Here’s how our bags turned out (we LOVE them!):

Play Date bags

(Find the pattern here.)

Do you have any quick project ideas for those of us who are behind on holiday gifts? Help out your fellow-crafters and leave it in a comment below!

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