Spotlight on: Katy Jones of Monkey Do

Today we have a special guest – Katy Jones, who writes over at Monkey Do, one of our favorite blogs to read! Katy is sharing a tutorial using our Do-It-Yourself collection, so be sure to read on to see what she made!

This collection is in stores now – ask for it at your local quilt shop or find it online.


Hi! I’m Katy and you can usually find me over on my blog, Monkey Do. Today I’m hanging out over here on the Dear Stella blog and I’m sharing a really simple tutorial on how to make a pressing board for your sewing room using the Do-It-Yourself collection.

pressing board tutorial


I love love love this line so much, and as I’m currently having a sewing room do-over I thought it’d be perfect for some accessories and decor to brighten up my room.

I’m also using the collection to make some simple patchwork curtains for the room, adding in some other sewing-themed fabrics and some co-ordinating prints from my stash to make curtains that I know my husband will hate but because they’re in my room I can do what I like, right?

Ok – let’s get cracking and make this pressing board. I love to have these in my sewing room, either right next to my sewing machine so I don’t have to move to press blocks as I work on them, or on my cutting table. You can make them as big or as small as you like – I tend to go for something that is big enough to fit a 12″ block or so, but I’m also on the hunt for an old fold-up cards table that I can turn into a larger board that will fold away when not in use.

First up, gather supplies. You will need:

– a piece of wooden board. I used an old shelf that’s plastic coated which isn’t ideal, but it works fine.

– cotton batting that’s large enough to make a double layer, the size of your board plus an inch or so larger all the way round

– one of the prints from Do-It-Yourself, about 1.5″ larger than the board all the way round

– a staple gun, or a hammer and very short tacks

pressing board tutorial


Lay the board on top of the cotton batting, centre it up so the overhang is even all the way round. Remember – you are using a double layer of batting.

pressing board tutorial


Pull up the batting at each side and staple in the centre. Just a single staple will be enough for this stage.

pressing board tutorial


Lay the board on top of the print fabric, centre up again and make sure there’s a nice even over-hang all the way round.

pressing board tutorial


Fold over the fabric on one side twice to create a hem, and staple in the centre.

pressing board tutorial


Do the same on the opposite side and add a couple more staples on either side to hold securely.

pressing board tutorial


The corners are the trickier bits, so you might need to have a few attempts at this. You want to fold each corner in a little like when wrapping a gift, and fold over tightly so it’s even all the way along. Remember, this is the reverse of the board so no-one will see it, you don’t need to make your corners super tidy.

pressing board tutorial


Staple and repeat for the other corners, folding in the fabric along the edges as you go as well.

pressing board tutorial


Add in some extra staples to make things nice and secure and you’re all done! You can see that mine is not the neatest job ever, but it’s really ok. It works, and unless you have an extra set of hands it’s tricky to keep everything nice and tidy as well as stapling.

pressing board tutorial


Flip it over, and you’re ready to go!

pressing board tutorial


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and you’ll come and visit me over on my blog sometime!

Thanks for having me,

Katy xx

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Great line! Off to find it, perfect for holiday gifts for sewist’s too.

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