Sneak Peek at Lila!

Lila is blooming with fluid patterns and geometric shapes in cool, midnight blue and amethyst. Calming pops of marine green and soft cream bring a fresh touch to the collection.

Lila will be in your local quilt shop and online this December. We’ll pop back in closer to that time with images of the full collection and projects!

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7 Responses to Sneak Peek at Lila!

  1. Terri van Gulik says:

    I think this will be my favourite of all time! Lilac and amethyst – It is gorgeous!

  2. Kathleen Lambert says:

    Gorgeous colors, great designs.

  3. I couldn’t like it more if you had named it Anita

  4. valorie says:

    where will it be, come December? my shops that say they have your fabrics have few and old! will you ever sell online directly?
    Love (note capitalization!) this series.

    • Dear Stella Design says:

      Hi Valorie – we are a wholesale company so we do not sell online directly. You may ask for Lila at your local quilt shop, though, and you will also be able to find it on many online retailers’ websites.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely beautiful. This will be a must buy for me!

  6. Frieda Grischkowsky says:

    Love this collection!


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