Peapods // Garden Tote Tutorial

Hi guys! We thought we’d kick off this week with a super fun tutorial, perfect for those of you who love to garden.

But first – have you seen our brand new Peapods collection? Last Wednesday we shared this photo over on Instagram. This cute group of prints will be popping up in shops very soon!

Read on for the tutorial on how to make this adorable gardening tote, which finishes at 15″ high x 12″ wide, and was designed by Schlosser Designs!

Materials Needed
Stella-355 Green (Peapods) // Main Exterior – 1/2 yard
Stella-37 Black (Confetti Dots) // Exterior Pocket and Tote Base – 1 yard
Stella-37 Lime (Confetti Dots) // Lining – 1/2 yard
Stella-272 Citron (Ticking Stripe) // Accent Fabric – 1 yard

Garden Tote Template
Lightweight woven interfacing (I used Pellon SF101) – 4 yards
45″ wide Fusible Fleece – 1 yard
1″ wide webbing – 3/4 yard
Iron-On Clear Vinyl – 14″ square

Cut the Following
• Stella-355 Green (Peapods) // Main Exterior:
(1) 16″ x 40 1/2″ rectangle (Back with Fusible fleece)

• Stella-37 Black (Confetti Dots) // Exterior Pocket and Tote Base
(1) 14″ square for base (Back with Fusible fleece)
(1) 6″ x 40 1/2″ strip for pocket exterior – (Back with lt. wt. woven interfacing)

• Stella-37 Lime (Confetti Dots) // Lining
(1) 16″ x 41 1/2″ rectangle – (Back with lt. wt. woven interfacing)

• Stella-272 Citron (Ticking Stripe) // Accent Fabric
(2) 13″ squares for tote divider – (Back with lt. wt. woven interfacing)
(1) 7″ x 40 1/2″ strip for pocket lining – (Back with lt. wt. woven interfacing)
(1) 4″ x 26″ strip for handles
(1) 14″ square for interior base (Back with lt. wt. woven interfacing)

• Use a 1/2″ seam unless noted otherwise
• Pressing well at each step will give your bag a nice professional finish when completed

Step 1: Make Exterior

To make the divided pockets on the exterior, line up the top edge of the 6″ x 40 1/2″ Exterior Pocket strip with the top edge of the 7″ x 40 1/2″ Accent fabric strip. Sew along the top 40 1/2″ edge.

Open and press, then fold this piece wrong sides together so that the bottom 40 1/2″ edges align. Press well and add a top stitch or decorative stitch to the small strip of the accent fabric showing on the front.

Place this pocket piece on the 16″ x 40 1/2″ Main Exterior fabric. Align the bottom edges and baste the sides and bottom of the pocket in place using a 1/4″ seam. Make a vertical line 1/2″ from one edge, then continue making 5″ lines until you run out of space. Stitch on the 5″ lines to divide up the pocket.

Fold the exterior piece, right sides together, so both 16″ edges are lined up. Pin and sew to make your exterior circle.

Step 2: Make Divider and Lining

To make the divider place the 13″ Accent Fabric squares right sides together and stitch along both the top and bottom. (Leave the side edges open.) Turn this piece right side out and press well. Add a topstitch to the bottom and top edge of the divider. Fold the 16″ x 41 1/2″ Lining rectangle in half, right sides together and press to mark the center. Unfold and place one unsewn edge of the divider along this fold. Measure up 3/4″ from the bottom and use this as the alignment point for the divider bottom.


Fold the lining back over the divider and stitch along the fold using a 1/2″ seam. Unfold and press well.

Now pull the other divider edge over to the unsewn lining edge and pin in place, making sure it’s still 3/4″ from the bottom edge. Place the other lining piece on top, pin, and sew in place.

Now we’ve got our lining with the divider sewn in.

Step 3: Add Exterior and Lining Base

To prep the exterior base, follow the instructions on the Iron-On Vinyl to cover the base piece with a waterproof coating. Set aside to cool.

To cut the circle shape for the base and lining use the 1/4 circle template. Fold the 14″ Accent Fabric square in half, then in half again so it’s folded into quarters. Press well. Align the 1/4 circle template along both FOLDED edges. Trace the arc and cut.

Unfold. (Don’t press out the folds yet!) Use this piece as a template to cut out the exterior base. Mark the 1/4 folds on the exterior base as well. (This will make it easier to align and pin everything!)

Starting with the sewn seam on the exterior piece with pockets, find the 1/2 way point on the opposite side of the exterior and mark it. Then find the 1/4 points between the seam and 1/2 way point. Now align the 1/4 marks on the base with these points and pin. (Make sure to pin within the 1/2″ seam, otherwise your pin marks may show on the exterior base vinyl.) Keep pinning. This is not the time to skimp! The more pins, the better for this step!

Using a walking foot (if you have one) stitch carefully around the circle to attach the base to the exterior. Repeat making the marks on the lining piece with divider and attach the interior base. (The bottom of the lining is the piece where the divider is attached 3/4″ away from the edge.)

Step 4: Make Handles

Make the handles by using the 4″ x 26″ Accent Fabric strip. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Unfold, then press each long edge in towards the center and press. Now insert the 1″ webbing inside and fold back up. (This process is like making a larger scale double fold binding which we encase the webbing in.)

Stitch along both edges and down the center to hold the folds down and secure the webbing. Trim off the extra webbing and cut the handles into two equal pieces.

Step 5: Complete Tote

To complete the tote, fold and press the tops of both the exterior and lining pieces down 1/2″. Place the lining inside the exterior and pin the top edge.

Find the divider seam on the lining. Measure 1 1/2″ from either side and use this mark to align the handles. Slide the handles inside the exterior and lining, then pin in place.

Stitch a 1/4″ seam around the entire top to hold everything together, then stitch another 1/4″ lower than that for a nice finished edge.

You’re done! Load it up with your gardening tools, seeds, gloves, and anything else you may need!

*If you’re not much of a gardener, this would make a great storage tote for in a bathroom or toy room! Load up with blankets, towels, or even a small laundry bin for children!

Peapods is hitting stores now. Be sure to ask for it at your local quilt shop or look for it online!

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7 Responses to Peapods // Garden Tote Tutorial

  1. Vicki H says:

    My sister will love this garden tote. I especially like the outer pockets.

  2. Pamela Graham says:

    Great harvest basket..will use vinyl for inside!

  3. BARBARA says:

    I love this tote for my former neighbor who was so very kind to me during my cancer battle.
    I’ve so wanted to do something special for her,she is an avid gardener & this is perfect.

    Thank you ever so much.

  4. Jane B says:

    This is brilliant. I might make it with the vinyl coating on the outside of the pockets, too. Great fabric combination.

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  6. gyoung-hee jung says:

    thank you!!!


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