Introducing Intermix!

Guys, we are SO EXCITED to share with you our Intermix collection of basics! 36 colors of pure goodness – these simple prints will mix into any project you’re working on, and they represent the Dear Stella palette. Intermix is composed of Net, which you already know and love, Polka Dots, including some exciting new colors, and the brand new Dress Stripe, which we’re anticipating will be an awesome binding fabric!

Let’s take a look at the spectrum a little closer, starting with the warmer colors.

And now moving into the cooler colors:

We’re loving how versatile Intermix is. You can go wild with the saturated Peony, bright Orange, and gorgeous Dandelion. Or you can choose the lovely neutrals – between the classic Navy, Charcoal, and Grey, you can’t really go wrong. There’s something for everyone, and for every project!

Here’s a breakdown by print, instead of color. First up is Net! The two newest colors to join this crew are Primrose (second from left) and Mint (seventh from left). These add a great texture to quilts, and we’ve frequently been using them in lieu of solids.

These Polka Dots have been popping up in our collections for a while, but we’ve officially made it a basic and we rounded out the colors to make this amazing rainbow. This irregular dot is the perfect size – it’s big enough to add texture, but small enough to be subtle.

Our Dress Stripes are brand new, and we brought them to life in some lovely colors. Each colored portion of the stripe is 1/16″.

Intermix is starting to ship to stores NOW! We can’t wait to see how you add these to your projects. Tag your photos with #dearstella and @dearstellafab so we can see!

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6 Responses to Introducing Intermix!

  1. Andrea McColeman says:

    wow they are all so beautiful!!!! I need them all!!!

  2. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    The Polka Dots are my favorites. Any of them from the top – cerise to the orchid/purple would make me happy!

  3. OMGosh! Sublime perfection! Love a good set of blenders, and these are just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Diane B says:

    Love all of this Intermix collection.
    It’s beyond basics:)
    Such warmth (if needed) and soo soothing.
    THanks for the sneak peak>

  5. Mandy Munroe says:

    Love it, awesome combo!

  6. valorie says:

    I want to buy them! but where?

    Actually, I Desperately want to buy them!

    Really, really, want them!

    none of the listed places in southern calif. have your line – double check your list, please.


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