Now Shipping // Tea Party by Rae Ritchie


Inspired by classic china patterns and antique decorative art, one of Rae Ritchie’s newest collection invites you to high tea complete with fancy pups, dancing porcelain pots and the sweetest treats. Tea Party has begun shipping to stores. Ask for it at your LQS or favorite online retailer!


Here’s a word from Rae about Tea Party:

// One of my favorite sections (among many) at the Minneapolis Institute of Art is the Decorative Arts section. Here, they house beautiful porcelain, furniture and of course, period rooms. This is a great source for motif and color inspiration; the colors often faded with time. I also live blocks from the Russian Museum of Art which once had a spectacular state china show, set in chronological order. Incredibly interesting, informative and beautiful! 

Tea has always been an important ritual throughout my day. It’s a time to reflect and slow down the thought process for a couple minutes out of the day; to recharge and refocus. Of course my tea breaks aren’t nearly as fancy, with sweet treats and fancy dogs, but I can always just draw them! \\


Below you’ll find projects that feature this sweet and dainty collection. Which is your favorite?


Tiny Dancer by Jaybird Quilts.


Pinafores and High Tea by Louanna Mary Quilt Design.


Chopsticks by Jaybird Quilts.

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