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Float back in time to an era of precocious pups, decadent desserts, and fancy frocks with Royal Picnic by Rae Ritchie! This collection is shipping to stores now.

This springtime meadow expressed in a gorgeous pastel palette will transport you to the meticulous grounds of 18th century Versailles.

Read on to hear more about Royal Picnic from Rae Ritchie!


// I’m really excited to share a sweet blend of springtime pretty and fanciful confections with my new collection “Royal Picnic.” It is inspired by French court life during the 18th century and the Rococo architecture and art of the time. Stories of Marie Antionette’s pastoral retreat Hameau de la Reine, were also of great inspiration—picnics in the prairie, relaxed boat rides, and pampered puppy companions. //


// French fashion and art history has always been of interest to me in general. As a fashion design student in 2005, I got to travel and study in Paris, learning from several makers of leading couturiers, among them a long-time employee of Madame Grés. Though my work life has taken me away from true fashion design, I still, of course, cherish that experience in France, and the exact, skilled and long tradition of perfection in the creative process when it comes to fashion, food, and architecture.

We’re really excited to offer metallic accents in this group as well, something we hadn’t tried yet in my collections! \\

How epic are these metallic Wigs!


Here’s an upcoming free pattern, Royal Picnic by Kathryn Patterson! Get the estimated fabric requirements here. Check back later this spring for full instructions!


Happy stitching!

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  1. Jill Hyatt says:

    I am so in love with your patterns. I have a great dane named Stella. She is on Instagram as @stella.thegreat. Is your fabric available now? I would so be interested in using one for her collar. We would also be happy to model for you. Stella


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